nine inch nails. and includes the oft-missing video for "Help Me I Am in Hell". The film ends with the music video for "Gave Up", which is a different video from the one on Closure as it is not an actual Nine Inch Nails video but rather the band's music dubbed over the storyline of the movie. Unofficial release of promo video made for the release of the Broken EP. Reznor said that Broken makes the music video for "Happiness in Slavery", one of the tracks on the album, "look like a Disney movie". Off of the Nine Inch Nails album Broken. And I did it without regard for MTV and what was showable and not showable, because that’s what he asked me to do. Image of NIN logo from Broken Movie for شائقین of Nine Inch Nails. 1. Way back in 1992, Nine Inch Nails released the Broken EP, perhaps Trent Reznor's most purely aggressive album to date. This is the DVD quality version of the Broken film. The camera zooms in on a toilet flushing, and a network of pipes is shown leading to a contraption with a large gear system and a pressure gauge on it. After roughly a minute of silence and a black screen, the severed head of the killer is shown flying across the screen. Nine Inch Nails music videos are distinctive in their variety. Broken est un film dramatique britannique réalisé par Rufus Norris, inspiré du roman Broken de Daniel Clay et sorti en 2012 Synopsis. The Broken Movie is a short film made in 1993 to promote the Broken EP, released in 1992. The movie then cuts back to the execution scene shown at the beginning of the film, where the killer is being dropped through the trap door, falling through a seemingly immensely long tunnel, until the rope tightens suddenly. The film features songs from Broken and is essentially a compilation of its music videos (the exception being "Last" and the two hidden tracks). Coil had already done some remixes of Nine Inch Nails and they’d been used in Seven, the famous horror movie. If you already love Trent, this video will make you love him more. Like all of the copies that existed online prior to that point, this version does not have video footage during "Help Me I Am in Hell", but a blank screen instead. However, on December 30 2006, someone leaked a high-quality DVD image on The Pirate Bay; it includes the video for "Help Me I Am In Hell," which none of the fan-made compilations did, because the first leak had the video dropped out. So stupidly, of course, I said, “Yes I’d be delighted” and proceeded to do just that. and begins to rub his fist. Trent Reznor presents his dark vision of the EP 'Broken' by telling the story of a man kidnapped and forced to watch Nine Inch Nails videos, disturbing in their own right, while being tortured. nine inch nails. It can be noted that in "Happiness In Slavery", a person is tortured and killed, foreshadowing what happens in "Gave Up" where the victim is tortured and dismembered. Closure nine inch nails review. As gritty, nasty, and industrial as anything Nine Inch Nails have ever put out there, this is a fantastic EP that any music collection would be richer for including! Fans can purchase merchandise and vinyl in addition to exclusive items only available direct from NIN. The film was inspired by scenes from Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer.[1]. broken. "Broken" (1992), un EP de seis canciones más dos canciones extras. Twenty years ago, Peter Christopherson directed the "Broken" movie, a short film that collected NIN's videos from the Broken EP as a "snuff" film. The end product, a 20-minute snuff film stringing together the four music videos produced for Broken, ultimately surpassed the violence that Reznor himself had envisioned, and the two shelved the movie so as not to overshadow the other efforts of the band. Much of the cast, aside from Bob Flanagan in "Happiness in Slavery" and the band itself in "Wish", is unknown. Reznor, commenting in the "Access" section of the Nine Inch Nails website in 2007, implied that Gibby Haynes was responsible for the most prominent leak.

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