The Torx weight block is a lower RG and higher differential symmetrical design that offers around five inches of flare potential. A few shots of the final game in a practice session. Typical shot is laydown around 17-20 out to 6-9. Storm 6-Ball Rolling Thunder Bag. This is a tricky question to answer considering the fact that oil conditions alone can alter a shot’s overall speed by around 2 mph. The angularity I'm get from the Primal Rage and Octane allows me to open up my target lines that I've struggled to play in the past. Slower-speed and lower-rev bowlers will love this ball’s high-RG core. There’s a ton of back end oomph to this ball thanks to its distinct and powerful motion off the pattern and its ability to continue to and through the pins. If you’re not used to an aggressive coverstock/asymmetrical core combination, there’s a sharp learning curve. Modern bowling ball technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to the point where a good bowling ball will do a lot of the leg work for you! every other one of their releases have been a dime a dozen. The ball, with an RG of 2.68 and a differential of 0.10 stands out as one of the most smartly engineered Motiv bowling balls available in the market. I don't see any need to bash other ball companies because I'm still satisfied with gear from Storm/Roto, Brunswick, Columbia and 900 Global. I will stick to what I said originally, the Primal Rage is a ball that will meet your needs. Editors Pick: We have picked the Motiv Trident Abyss as the best most aggressive bowling ball. Moreover, it is an aesthetically alluring bowling ball, thanks to the premium finish of 5500 grit LSP finish which also gives the bowler ultimate control over the ball. Without oil, your bowling ball would hit the lane, begin sparking, leave a burn mark and explode in the gutter. Asymmetric balls are usually windy and uncontrollable. Secondly, a low-speed throw usually means less exertion overall for a bowler. Those worries are misplaced. Welcome everyone to my review of the all new MOTIV Trident Nemesis! BTM subscribers can customize the columns displayed on their Edit Profile page. This ball’s aggression takes some time to tame. A pin impact speed of higher than 18 mph also runs the risk of a decrease in pin carry and overall shot efficacy. Dry lanes will turn it into a glorified paperweight. There are very few duds in their lineup, IMO. For a beginner, a house shot may seem just as difficult as a Chameleon shot, or a shot on any other PBA oil pattern. Get MOTIVated! My intention for the ball will be to use it on my house shot leagues. Login with username, password and session length. Where the green tree is, there’s oil. Those looking for an easy-to-control and smooth arcing hook which hits hard upon impact are going to have a blast with the Brunswick Rhino. with pin impact speeds at around 17 to 18 mph. Bowling Balls for Medium-Heavy Oil Shop for bowling balls that work well on medium-heavy oil Sort by 900 Global Inception Pearl. If your league is the first to bowl on this house shot, you could use a ball for Medium oil, like the MOTIV™ Sigma Tour. Where is the best spot to be playing on the THS? It's an entry-level reactive ball, not really that strong, and still hooks some. Well the 2012-2013 season has started for most everyone by now, so with that being said, back to attacking our THS (typical house shot). This is also a great option for budget-conscious bowlers looking for invaluable control on medium to light oil house shots. This ball will dominate medium oil patterns and can get through fresh fronts with little to no energy expended. Firstly, it’s easier to keep a straight-line throw on track and pinpoint spare shots effectively with a more measured approach. You can start in the part of the lane you’re most comfortable with and get the results you want. The Brunswick Rhino offers ample length and strength in dry and medium-dry oil conditions. It has a top gear dual density core plus a Sabotage Hybrid Reactive coverstock that makes the ball real deadly. By the third game, as the pattern starts to wear down, you may want to shift to equipment for Light-Medium oil because you will begin to encounter more friction and burn more fuel. It also gets lost and wacky on longer, more complex oil patterns. It’s an entry level performance ball in name but offers enough to be considered a mid-performance option in the dry. $132.99 View. Summary Table of All Motiv Ball Reviews. A given ball reaction with a control drilling can be slightly altered by either extending the skid distance or reducing the skid distance simply by adding or reducing texture to the ball surface. The Path Reactive Pearl coverstock is as durable as you’ll find for balls at this price point. Dipping to 16 mph or less will decrease pin carry and lead to inconsistency in overall ball motion. Accessories; About us ... Close. If it stays on the lane at all, you’re likely to burn out its coverstock. This new ball is designed with the new R-16 reactive coverstock, which offers a great balance between control and power. If you are just looking for a ball for your house league maybe try a different ball. Columbia 300 Bowling Nitrous Bowling Ball, Red/Smoke/White, … You can get a lot of pin violence out of a little force. When there is a defined breakpoint on a typical house shot — you can your skid/flip ball. Red, Black, Gold Pearl /  Black, Blue, Silver Pearl / Purple, Pink, White Pearl / Green, Silver Pearl / Black Pearl, 500 SiaAir / Royal Compound / Royal Shine. In the 2nd and 3rd game, when the heads get beat up and oil moves down the lane, the 2Cruel will be very … Even when you throw it at slower speeds, this ball maintains energy for impressive impact to and through the pin pocket. C3 Centripetal Control Core (Symmetrical). Page created in 0.289 seconds with 19 queries. For anyone that needs something to concur the ever cliff’d house shots(a ton of wet/dry), this ball will perfect for you. Low-speed bowlers will also love how easy it is to rev this ball up in medium to heavy oil conditions. In heavy oil and long oil.